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“Being a jewellery virgin I have been so grateful of Ruth’s help. I’ve never been one for wearing lots of jewellery but after a colour and style class I saw how easily I could compliment my outfits with a bit of bling. Ruth was very patient with me, showing me a wide range of necklaces, bracelets and earrings. She let me try on what I wanted and take my time whilst I worked out what I did and did not like. She was also very gentle with her advice explaining why some pieces worked whilst others didn’t.

All of her jewellery is of high quality and is lovely to wear. As she only buys a few pieces of each style you know you are getting something almost unique and special, just for you. Ruth buys the jewellery because she loves it and I love the pieces I’ve bought from her. I feel confident and comfortable wearing them.

Thank you Ruth!”

Karen, Harefield
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“For me, it’s the exclusive personal touch that’s so special about this jewellery business. I have used Ruth’s gift service numerous times now and usually it’s been at the last minute when I’ve needed a special present for a friend.

Each time I have been spoilt for choice and all my friends that have received one of Ruth’s jewellery presents commented on their uniqueness and beauty.”

Theresa, Chorleywood
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“I love Swarovski jewellery and when Ruth announced that she was using their pearls and crystals in her latest creations, I knew I had to get something. I bought a light blue Swarovski pearl bracelet and it hasn’t come off my wrist since purchasing it.

Each piece is unique so no two people get the same thing and it always makes me feel just that bit more glamorous when I’m wearing it.”

Carole, Pinner